KatrinaEllis_DP_GardenInside_dtlI was delighted to be invited to create an installation for the Window Project Space at Dirt Palace, the all-female artist collective, in Olneyville Square, Providence. The installation was largely inspired by a Shane Jones quote, from his novel “Light Boxes:” “You never saw it, but there’s a garden inside me.”  The installation also continues my experimentation with manipulated found object installation, comprised mostly of materials that would otherwise be deemed scraps or trash and discarded. It is the largest scale installation I have attempted so far at 23’5″ x  7’5″ x 4′.

Dirt Palace members have co-curated the Dirt Palace Storefront Window Gallery on a monthly basis for the past 14 years. Every day six thousand cars and a steady flow of foot traffic pass through this major intersection of Plainfield Street and Manton Avenue. The Dirt Palace Window Gallery faces the bustling intersection of Olneyville Square, and is free and open to the public 24 hours a day. This ongoing public art project has featured the work of variety of local, national, and international artists, community groups, and youth arts programing.

“Sadder Star, Garden Eyes” will be up through November 30th, 2014. See a flickr album of images taken of the installation here.